The Reason

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Ok, so I just wanted to take a minute and tell all of you wonderful people about why I have decided to write this blog. 
     When I became a college student in the fall of 2013, I had no idea what to expect.  I knew that I was at the college that God had planned for me to attend, but I was uncertain about what would happen next.  That is when God started opening some amazing doors. 
      The first door was literally an actual door.  This was the door to my dorm room. The room where I would meet my amazing roommate, Jessica.  Also in my room, I began to grow even more in my relationship with God.  I came to college kind of dry.  I mean, I had drawn away from Him.  I felt empty, in a way, but things quickly began to change. 
     The second door He opened would have to be the one where I was put into the perfect Freshman Gateway.  Freshman Gateway is a class where new freshman learn how to succeed in college.  There I developed some incredible friendships.  I also began to make connections with different people around campus.  I know without a doubt that I was placed in District 9, as we call it, for a reason.
      Just today, God opened another door.  Earlier this week, I auditioned for one of the choirs on campus.  I was unable to audition during my first semester because I became ill as soon as I arrived to school.  I felt that God was trying to send me a message that I was not supposed to be in a choir at that time.  When this semester rolled around, I decided that I would audition.  I began to pray that God’s will be done.  Today, I found out that I made the choir.  I am so excited.
       God has done so much for me in the past few months. 
This blog is pretty much a way for me to express what God is doing in my life.  Sometimes what I write will be really serious, while other times it might just be random thoughts.  I hope that maybe something I write will encourage you or make you think.

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